Young man helping elderly man walk

Championing Care For Those Who Need It Most


Visiting Angels is one of the nation’s oldest and most established senior care providers. We’re committed to serving America’s seniors.

At Visiting Angels, we know that every human being deserves dignity, security, and compassion… none more so than our senior citizens.  Men and women who worked hard, raised families, served our nation, and built our communities should not have to spend their retirement years worried about where their next meal will come from, or whether they will have access to the medical care they need.

Over 15 million Americans aged 65+ live near or below the federal poverty line.

For these seniors, life can be a struggle. Many cannot pay for even basic necessities like food, rent, and medicine.  Many more are faced with unthinkable dilemmas: should I pay the phone bill so I can keep in touch with my nieces, or should I save that money so I can pay for the extra electricity to turn on my air conditioner when it gets too hot?

No one should have to make choices like this.

Unfortunately, for far too many seniors, choices like these are a daily reality.  According to the National Council on Aging, 10 million American seniors struggle with not having enough food to eat.

When medical issues arise, seniors often need long-term medical and personal care.  Right now, there are over 12 million senior citizens in the United States who need such care, yet a significant portion of them cannot afford it and do not have families who can financially help.  Nearly 61% of seniors are in serious debt, often arising from medical issues.

It’s time to ensure that every senior has access to the care they need.

At the Visiting Angels Foundation, we’ve made it our goal to help every senior afford the basic care they need.  Regardless of financial need, our mission is to assist seniors age in place, have access to food, medical care, and financial assistance… and to have the dignity and security they deserve.

The Visiting Angels Foundation is the non-profit arm of Visiting Angels.  For the past twenty years, the Visiting Angels corporation has been providing top quality in-home care to senior citizens.  One of our commitments in our day-to-day business is ensuring that our seniors can maintain their dignity as they age.  We believe all seniors should enjoy that same right.

We launched our Foundation to help provide all seniors with quality care, no matter their financial situation.